Cleats can help prevent corrosion on docks while docking or anchoring your boat. Navigation Lights – Navigating in low light conditions is crucial when sailing or boating in closed waters. Our selection of navigation lights includes both LED options and traditional lanterns that cast a bright light forward. To ensure a safe boating experience, remember to use common sense while using marine accessories. Always wear proper gear and inspect all equipment before departing on your voyage.Here are some general safety tips for using marine accessories:
Always wear a life jacket when aboard a boat.

Even if you don’t plan to go overboard, it’s important to keep in mind that boats can be unexpectedly rough seas and boaters can get thrown around.
Inspect all gear before use. Make sure the products you’re using are properly fitted and in good marine safety immersion dry work suits condition. Replace or repair any damaged items as soon as possible.
Never overload a boat or tackle box with too much weight or improper gear. This can overload the motor, damage the rigging, or even cause the boat to capsize.
Use caution when anchoring or docking your boat in bad weather conditions. A sudden change in wind direction or speed can easily blow your vessel off course or onto rocks.

If you’re looking to outfit your boat with the perfect marine accessories, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know in order to choose the right items for your vessel. We’ll cover everything from life jackets and flares to anchors and tarps, so make sure to read through our guide before making your purchase. Boat electrical breakers are a necessity for any boater. These devices protect your boat and its occupants from potential electrical shock, and they’re essential for powering onboard systems like lights and motors.

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